Foreigners can buy condominiums; however, they’re not able to purchase land or houses.

It depends on the bank. Foreigners can get a loan from certain banks, if they pass the requirements and criterias of each bank.

Besides the selling price of the condominium, there are other expenses, such as the transfer fee, specific business tax or stamp duty, withholding tax, and sometimes, which is sometimes entirely the seller’s duty. Sometimes, it is shared between the seller and the buyer, depending on the agreement made before the purchase.


The tenant has to pay the security deposit, equivalent to 2 month’s rent, and 1 month’s rent in advance (total 3 month’s worth of rent).

Generally,according to Thai law, the landlord is responsible for damages that isn’t caused by the tenant, and the tenant is responsible for any smaller damages and repairs, such as cleaning the air conditioner.

It varies with each case, depending on the agreement made between the tenant and landlord while making the contract.

You can pay for the water bill directly to the juristic person. Here are several methods/channels to pay for electricity bills to the Metropolitan Electricity Authority 1. Pay the electricity bills at the Metropolitan Electricity Authority Office 2. Pay via Government Complexes in department stores 3. Pay at a representative service counter 4. Payment via debit card 5. Payment via credit card 6. Pay via ATM 7. Pay via Internet Banking 8. Pay via Mobile Banking 9. Pay via MEA Smart Life Application (Master/Visa Card) 10. Pay via Mobile Phone

The tenant does not have to pay for common fees, as it is the owner’s responsibility.

The minimum rental period is 12 months, but it is possible in some cases to negotiate with the owner to see if they would agree to less.

Selling/Leasing (for Sellers & Landlords)

It is the Immigration Act, B.E. 2522 (year 1979). Under section 38, landlords, owners, property occupants or residents, or hotel managers that allow foreigners to reside temporarily in the kingdom must notify the immigration office, which is located in your district/area, within 24 hours of the tenant moving in. If there isn’t an immigration office in your area, please contact the local police station in your area. Under Section 77, those who fail to comply with section 38 shall be liable, and fined not more than two thousand baht, but if that person is a hotel manager, they shall be liable to a fine of two thousand to ten thousand baht. Here are the following documents required • Notification form for accepting foreigners to stay, for homeowners, property owners, or property occupants List of aliens (foreigners) staying • Copy of house registration for rent • Copy of the landlord’s ID card • Copy of rental contract • Copy of the tenant’s passport (every page)

1. Expenses for Selling consists of the following expenses 1.1 Expenses for the ownership transfer by entirety, or only a portion, depending on the agreement 1.2 Operation and processing fee (sales commission) of 3% of the selling price 2. Expenses for renting consists of the following expenses 2.1Operation and processing fee, equivalent to 1 month’s rental rate for 1 year’s lease, and 50% of the first year’s commission for the lease starting from the 2nd year onwards.

“All-in” means every expense is included in the price, which is the final selling price that the buyer pays when the property/unit ownership is transferred, by entirety, to the Department of Lands. Or in other words, it is the total price of everything needed to buy, with no extra expenses added.

We would need to collect details from the owner/seller of the unit, and see if the property that you wish to list is located within our service areas, in which it has been divided into the 5 following areas • Along the BTS SkyTrain- Sukhumvit Line- Starting from Kasetsart University to Bearing • Along the BTS SkyTrain- Silom Line- Starting from National Stadium to Bang Wa • Along the MRT Underground - Blue Line- Starting from Tao Poon to Hua Lampong • Along the MRT Underground - Purple Line- Starting from Tao Poon to Wong Sawang • Along the Airport Rail Link - Starting from Phayathai to Makkasan For pricing conditions, the minimum rental price per month starts at 15,000 baht, and the minimum selling price starts at 2,500,000 baht. If your property/project fits these conditions, sellers and landlords are welcome to list your properties on our website, including details and photos, at Or if you would like more information, please feel free to contact us by dialing 1319 press 2

Our Services

Office : 1319 ext. 3 Line ID : @brcommunity Email :

• Free room inspection service every 6 months throughout the rental period under the supervision of the company (only for rental agreements that are 1 year or more) • Coordination service for repairs and cleaning in the room • Coordination services for the installation of the internet, telephone, cable, TV, and others • Service for reporting problems and monitoring work related to accommodation such as noise, quarrels, pets, parcels, shipping, common expenses, service of juristic persons etc. • Advice services for registration for alien accommodation in the event that the renter is a foreigner (Immigration Document TM 30) • Service to track coordination of payment of services and expenses between the owner of the room and the tenant during the stay • Coordination service of the contract parties between the room owner and the tenant to comply with the contract terms • Room checking service after the end of the lease agreement (move-out process) • Monitoring and coordination services for damages and room insurance between the room owner and the tenant after the end of the contract.

The service fee depends on the chosen service by the customer. For further inquiries, please contact customer service by dialing 1319 ext. 3

We provide our services throughout Bangkok, at 3 of our office branches - Sukhumvit 24 Branch - Langsuan Branch - Phayathai Branch Or you can contact us at one of the condominium projects we are located at, in which there will be a PR poster and signage of The Bangkok Residence placed in front of the building.

Product Information

We sell condominiums along the BTS and MRT lines, within a 2km radius.

Currently no, we don’t have any condominiums outside of Bangkok.

We have both types of condominiums available.


The 3% commission is calculated from the net price of the condominium.

Yes, we do.

No, you can’t, and you shouldn’t transfer any money to your agent for your own protection. You can pay your water bills to the juristic person, and for electricity, there are various methods of paying. For booking and deposits, you transfer directly to the owner.
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