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         Comprehensive real estate consulting service The whole group of owners Interested in selling/renting Group interested in buying, interested in renting Whether investing or living there yourself or project development group We provide consulting services for both sales and marketing. We have real estate expertise. More than 10 years of experience


img Services for buyers/renters and consignors/renters

Buyers/renters provide advice and recommendations. Choose a residence and investments that best meet your needs. Take a tour. Real estate location who want to buy or rent, prepare documents For legal coordination with financial institutions or various government agencies

Consignor/renter Providing advice on property management for sale and For rent, marketing, public relations according to channels Various media of the company Both after-sales service is attentive. every step


img Advisory service for buying-selling-renting Project real estate

Be a project representative and give advice to walk-in customers who are interested in the project. Take care of both parts of marketing. including facilitating the project's residents Either for sale or for rent. Take care of after-sales service. We also have a diverse customer database, resulting in effective marketing and promotional activities.


img Consulting services for project sales and marketing management (Sole Agent)

In terms of sales, we have a team of real estate consultants. with expertise Able to give advice to groups your customers through sales procedures and techniques Professional style

Marketing, giving advice on brand building Making the price structure suitable for the target group Marketing communications both online and offline We also have a customer database group. Therefore, it makes Marketing and promotional activities It is possible to have Efficiency and value

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