Anti - Corruption


The Bangkok Residence operates real estate business with integrity for the benefits of all stakeholders, namely customers, shareholders, staff, business partners, creditors, investors, governing authorities and society as a whole. We conduct business under the principle of good governance as also reflected in The Bangkok Residence ’s Code of Conduct and adherence with the laws, regulations, and regulatory requirements in order to ensure transparency and corruption-free business operation as well as to prevent any corruption for personal benefits which may cause unfairness and damages to Company and the stakeholders.

Adhering with this standpoint, The Bangkok Residence joins the Private Sector Collective Action Coalition Against Corruption (CAC) which reflects the Bank’s intention and attempt to be the organization with transparency and corruption-fee culture which creates sustainable growth to the social . Additionally, The Bangkok Residence created the Anti-Corruption Policy in addition to other policies to enhance clarity and coverage on anti-corruption, and determines the practices regarding direct and indirect anti-bribery or any form of bribery for benefits of the employees or related parties as well as outside parties to achieve international standard. The employees are also required to follows the policy in accepting gifts, presents, or entertainment party from private and public units.


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