Decorative Styles: Decorate your condo in whatever style is yours.

For condominiums in Thailand Most rooms for sale come in Fully Furnish & Fully Fitted formats, which are considered standard formats. and also gives room owners the opportunity You can design and decorate your own room in many different styles, whether it be for rental reasons. Or living there yourself is considered a way to make the value of the room high. and more attractive, but not every room decoration style is suitable for every renter and buyer. Decorating a room therefore requires studying customer groups. various lifestyle groups appropriately

1. Beach House Style interior decoration


It's home decorating that has no fixed limitations. Various designs It depends on the style and preferences of the homeowner. The main principle is Decorated to have a beach atmosphere. Feels like being close to the sea. Emphasize the beauty of nature. By arranging the decorations to be harmonious. Looks comfortable and relaxing. Increase the atmosphere to look more like being on the beach. You can do this by decorating with wallpaper. and pictures of beautiful sea views, coral reefs, or seashells. By choosing an appropriate location, such as installing it in the living room. Or put a beautiful picture of a coral reef in the bathroom, for example.


2. Zen Style interior decoration



Zen Style is a decoration style that “Focus on nature. It is calm and simple” by cutting out luxury and unnecessary decorative details. The atmosphere inside the house is airy, simple, calm and relaxing, as if we are surrounded by calm nature. Zen style houses are suitable for people who love peace. Love nature, escape the chaos of everyday life and follow the Zen Style. There are design principles. and choose materials that are unique Choose colors that give a feeling of calm and comfort, such as cream, white, black, brown, blue, green or earth tones. In addition, lighting should be used. and natural materials Decorated with simple design furniture such as wooden furniture that shows the natural color of the wood. The wood floors give a warm feeling and there is a soft carpet. The floor is also laid. Arrange things in order.


3. Tropical Style interior decoration


Tropical Style or simply call it It is an application of methods for decorating the house to suit the weather conditions. Or the climate is hot and humid. The mood is similar to going on vacation in the summer, chilling and comfortable, but still maintaining style and being unique. And decorating in Tropical Style will use earth tones. Bright and bright combined with graphic patterns or lines in modern black and white tones as the main


4. Post Modern Style interior decoration


Post Modern is the creation of a new design style that is neither Modern nor Classic, but instead creates a hybrid between the two styles, often using bright colors. or new materials as well as unusual shapes come into use as well It's the perfect combination. according to the desired style of the residents


5. English Country Style interior decoration


English Country will have a perfect design. Emphasis on the utility of family members doing activities together in every posture. Whether it's talking to each other Eating or relaxing together The English Country style decoration work helps make the residents feel warm. The color tones used in home decoration are simple. and is a color that is imitated from nature It's a soft color tone that looks cool to the eye. Inspired by nature, such as the pink color of roses. Light green from leaves, light blue, etc. As for the patterns that are popular to decorate houses in English Country style, they are unique. This can be seen from the distinctive features. It is the use of floral patterns or stencil patterns and straight patterns to decorate. Create an atmosphere like being in a flower garden and look more relaxed.


6. Luxury Style interior decoration


The charm of beauty Every element from design Decorated with beautiful, expensive furniture from premium grade materials. Reflects sparkling brilliance and gives a shiny shine. including other home decoration items that gives a beautiful sparkle that catches the eye in the same concept


7. Oriental Style interior decoration

Oriental comes from the ideas and philosophy of the East or Asia, bringing together the uniqueness, art, and culture of the Asian way of life. Come into the core and the importance of decoration Whether it's the style of furniture, colors or accessories. which reflects the aura of elegance that is hidden with warmth, including philosophy, concepts, and religious maxims, and of course, most of the materials used are those that are easily found in the local area and are in line with the climate. of countries in Asia Furniture that is popular in the Oriental style is wooden furniture, solid colors, without many patterns. Including the decoration of furniture with smooth colored silk is another interesting charm.


8. Interior decoration Natural Brown Tone Style

Just seeing it makes you want to lay down and rest. with decorations that give a feeling of nature It's like staying in a vacation home. The decoration has mainly focused on brown tones. To convey nature and warmth Including the division of usable space within the room. Just seeing it makes you want to lay down and rest. with decorations that give a feeling of nature It's like staying in a vacation home. The decoration has mainly focused on brown tones. To convey nature and warmth Including the division of usable space within the room. It is a decoration that is combined with nature. and the color tone will focus on brown tones. Styles of furniture that emphasize the wood material. which comes in the naturalness of showing the wood pattern


9. Classic Style interior decoration


It is a room decoration style that adds a different charm to your room. The outstanding feature of decorating a Classic Style room is the use of natural materials. For floors, it is popular to use marble, granite, or sometimes terrazzo. which has a rather shiny surface and will use the principle of left-right balance The furniture or decorations in the room will have unique shapes that are delicate and exquisite, enhancing the elegance of Classic Style to make it more interesting. With the exquisiteness of Thaniya Decorative Art, there are hand-painted patterns with the delicacy and balance of shapes that go well with the Classic Style perfectly. In addition, white and black also convey an emotion of purity hidden in strong


10. Thai Style interior decoration


Another unique style of room decoration that is as outstanding as anyone else. And it may appeal to many people with Thai Style that is unique and has a touch of Thainess. Whether it's a chair, table, cabinet or even a bed. with the shapes and patterns of Thai patterns Most of us often see Thai Style in various hotels or resorts. With an aura that reminds you of the Thai atmosphere. Invites you to feel relaxed and comfortable. Add a more pronounced Thai touch with Thaniya ceramics, Thai handicrafts. that has the spirit and identity of being Thai Add a more pronounced Thai touch with Thaniya's ceramic Cookie Jar, which has a pattern that tells the story of Thai people's beliefs that if you raise a cat with good characteristics, it will bring you auspiciousness. Encourage owners to have good fortune


Most condo rooms are no larger than 30 square meters, considered a small room with limited but complete usable space. including the living room, bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen. Adding space to place loose furniture or built-in furniture will reduce the usable space. But from the decoration of the condo above Focus on complete use Choose to use only necessary furniture. The furniture is transparent. and the color tone is controlled to use bright colors. Adding to the usable space of the room is spacious, comfortable to the eyes, and most importantly, it has a unique identity that clearly indicates the character of the residents.

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