September 16, World Ozone Day


World Ozone Day or World Ozone Day falls on September 16 every year. Starting in 1987, it is a day that reminds us all of the importance of ozone in protecting the world from ultraviolet rays from the sun. Various problems that create air pollution After all we have faced the problem of PM 2.5 dust and toxic fumes for many years. Many organizations organize many activities organized by various organizations. To point out the depletion of the ozone layer. To encourage countries to comply with the Global Climate Change Convention and help reduce the use of CFC (Chlorofluorocarbon) and Holon (Holon) substances, which are ozone destroyers in the atmosphere. In addition, toxic fumes from factories, forest burning or Combustion from the exhaust pipes of various types of vehicles It also affects the destruction of ozone in the air for family safety. We have trees to help purify the air to recommend. Let the inside of the house receive fresh air.

1. Devil's Ivy 
            or Golden Pothos (Devil's Ivy or Golden Pothos) can remove benzene. Formaldehyde, xylene and toluene that can be in the air, easy to grow, difficult to kill, suitable for growing in buildings or homes. There is a little caution: the leaves are toxic to small children and pets. If you have pets, you must plant them a little higher.

2.English ivy 
          “English ivy” or its Thai name is “English ivy”. “Western Velcro” is considered an air-purifying tree that NASA has confirmed. Can help purify the air the best. Because it has the ability to absorb formaldehyde. Can be placed in shaded or moderately lit areas. It is a tree that is popular for decorating houses in Europe.


3. Indian rubber tree 
        “Indian Rubber Plant” is another tree that many people choose to plant. Because it has beautiful dark green, shiny oval leaves. Can be placed perfectly in a white bedroom. It's also easy to grow, durable and doesn't require much care. Just water regularly. Place it in an area exposed to sunlight. The Indian rubber tree has the ability to eliminate toxins and change carbon dioxide.
        “Peace Lily” is another air-purifying plant in the bedroom that is also popular in Thailand. Because of the belief that It will bring good fortune, long life and ward off danger for the members of the house. The leaves of the Lily tree are shiny and dark green. And helps absorb toxins and changes the bedroom to smell fresh.

5. Dragon tongue 
        , if we are talking about a beautiful tree. Many people probably think of a tree with an auspicious name like “Snake Plant” which has beautiful, slender, spear-like leaves. Which can be grown in both shaded and sunny areas. Has the ability to absorb carbon dioxide and exudes oxygen at night Therefore, it is another air purifying plant that should be planted in the bedroom. By taking care of watering 1 time per day is enough.

6.Boston Fern
        The Boston fern is a plant in the fern family. The leaves are lush green, similar to tamarind leaves. There are no lobes at the tips of the leaves. It likes humidity. Boston fern has properties that help absorb toxins and purify the air in the home. Therefore, it is another popular indoor plant that is often planted in the home or as a plant in an air-conditioned room inside the building.


7. Philodendron Selloum 
         can be said to be famous throughout the country with the air purifying plant in the bedroom “Philodendron Selloum (Selloum Philodendron)” because it is very easy to raise. It can also survive in all weather conditions and areas. No matter how much or how little light It grows just as well. Just water it enough to keep it moist. Adding compost or diluted water-soluble manure once a month is durable enough.


8. Monstera. 
        One of the most popular air-purifying plants that people like to plant inside their homes is the Monstera tree. Its scientific name is Monstera deliciosa Liebm. It is one of the auspicious plants that will symbolize prosperity. It is a tree that can help clean the air in our homes well. If you want it to look shiny, you should be diligent. Using a cloth moistened with water or lotion to wipe the leaves is very good. Monstera plants can be comfortably planted in air-conditioned rooms.


9. Lavender 
        “Lavender (Lavender)” is a tree that many people are familiar with. They have the same advantage in purifying the air in the bedroom as other plants. As mentioned above, it also has a unique fragrance that has the ability to help repel mosquitoes or insects. Headache relief Muscle pain, reduces stress, anxiety, insomnia, depression and calms the mind. Taking care of it doesn't require frequent watering. It also requires not a lot of light as well.
10. Aloe Vera
         Aloe vera is a plant that does not like strong sunlight. The best time for it to be exposed to sunlight is from morning until 11 a.m. We can put it in a sunny place. But you should not be exposed to the sun during noon and afternoon. You should water it 1-2 times a day because agave is a plant that needs a lot of extra moisture, but you shouldn't water it until it's too wet. Aloe vera can survive in all weather conditions. Except for areas with very hot weather.


 On Ozone Day, The Bangkok Residence Company has a joint project with Watthana District Office Inviting you to plant a million trees Add green space to Bangkok. Just renting-buying a house or condo with The Bangkok Residence is an easy part of increasing green space.

-For The Bangkok Residence customers who rent a house or condo, every project joins in planting 1 tree. -For
The Bangkok Residence customers who buy a house or condo, every project joins in planting 5 trees
. The Bangkok Residence joins in planting 50 trees. 

Starting from 1-30 September 2023,
join in planting trees with Watthana District on 11 October 2023. Location: Sukhumvit 71, Pridi Banomyong 42.


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