10 tips for investing in condos and renting them out to make a good profit


   Condo for rent is a long-term investment, lots of passive income, control system, high liquidity. Buying a condo for rent, you should ask the tenant primarily about concerns about the trustworthy location of the project, room size, and investigation. Check it out, but on closer inspection, you will find that all the components are 4 important parts that many people find all the time, so we have compiled 10 tips that beginner investors can understand from choosing to speculating. We know that condos are specifically for rent.


      1. Monthly condo price It is considered an important factor that is important to purchasing a condo. Normally, each condo project in each neighborhood will have a specific standard rate of increase which the survey area will have. You can check the information without having to


      2. Located near work or educational institutions It is a location factor that is considered very important in the decision to rent, especially the closer it is to the workplace, the easier it will be to rent and the more affordable the rent.


      3. Near the BTS station It is another location that is no less important than being close to work and educational institutions. In the real estate industry, popular standards Should be within easy walking distance. or within a distance of not more than 500 meters.


      4. There is a balcony in the room. This factor is often overlooked. It is very important to the rental decision. Because the balcony is a space that can be used for many purposes, such as being used as a place to dry clothes. relax or a small activity area


      5. There are CCTV cameras. Because a condo is a joint residence for many people. Therefore, safety is an important factor that residents and renters pay special attention to.


      6. Use the key card to enter and exit the building. This is another important safety factor. CCTV cameras can help condos to be rented out easily and increase the price significantly.


      7. Use the key card to enter and exit the elevator. Although this appears to be a minor factor that is unlikely to be of any importance, But it was found that safety factors have a very high influence on rental decisions as well.


      8. There is a convenience store within a radius of 500 meters. Nowadays, convenience stores have become important places necessary for living. Because it is a source of food and basic necessities for our people. There will never be any.


      9. There is a market or department store within a radius of 1 kilometer. This is also a very important location factor. which helps fulfill the happiness of living and living of the tenants in the condo very well.


      10. Zones and residential areas Very important to condo rentals as well, you will find that in the inner Bangkok zone.... Early Sukhumvit is a zone where tenants like to rent. Condos in that zone can be rented continuously. Height


           There are 10 main tips to help you buy a condo to maintain a sustainable rental that will become an investment for Passive Income in life. Follow news updates and insights about real estate.


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